In times gone by....

When ambitious young Mohsin Aftab glided across Hyde Park’s serene Serpentine Lake on a paddleboat in July 1988, who would have thought that an eye-opening encounter with a foreign couple on board the same boat would turn the tides of this young man’s thoughts towards the floundering education sector of Pakistan.

Tongue-tied in the wake of distorted interpretation of Holy Quran’s verses by the couple in a bid to win him over to their own religion, Mohsin kept his silence for lack of knowledge about his own Holy Book. In his heart, however, he vowed unwaveringly to dive deep into the pages of the Holy Qur’an and open the doors of its soul-stirring knowledge to the youth back in Pakistan.

Fuelled by this passionate desire, Mohsin eventually embarked on a tireless journey to open a dream school which would deliver modern education alongside the ultimate knowledge of the Qur’an in a state-of-the art school building. This promising vision fired the enthusiasm of his brother, a few friends and Abdul Waheed Qureshi - former Principal of COMMECS College and together the team began to give shape to its motivating mission.

Their dedication paid off and the summer of 2000 saw the initial campus of Education Bay School open its gate to nine students and ten teachers in a small bungalow at Clifton. Three exciting years down the lane, the budding school shifted to the existing purpose-built campus in Phase 8, D.H.A.

Fast-forward twenty years, the dream lives on. EBS has been put on a pedestal for its modern curriculum, imposing campus, competent faculty and outstanding co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Its student body is second to none in academic excellence and extracurricular accomplishments. Equipped with 21st century education and time-encompassing moral values, Ebians are a brilliant embodiment of one man’s insightful vision!

EBS Timeline

  • 1988

    Danny’s Donuts in Lakewood, CA in 1953


    Our founder with the vision to create EBS

  • 2000

    Danny’s Coffee Shops in 1956

    First Campus Clifton

  • 2000

    Denny’s Coffee Shops in 1959

    Nine Students, Ten Teachers

  • 2002

    Denny's in 1961

    Mr.Quraishi Joined As A Chairman Of Academic Advisory To The Board

  • 2003

    Denny’s goes international in 1967

    EBS Shifts To New Purpose-Built Campus

  • 2003

    Denny’s Stock Trading in 1968

    First Project Day

  • 2004

    The Grand Slam introduced in 1977

    Ebians Participate In International Taekwondo Competition

  • 2004

    1,000 Denny’s in 1981

    First EBS Concert.

  • 2006

    1,000 Denny’s in 1981

    First Annual Function

  • 2006

    1,000 Denny’s in 1981

    EBS Magazine Endeavour Launched

  • 2008

    First O-Level Batch Passed Out

  • 2009

    Advantica Restaurant Group, Inc. in 2002

    First Field Trip Outside Karachi

  • 2010

    Advantica Restaurant Group, Inc. in 2002

    Biannual Newsletter Footprints Launched

  • 2010

    Advantica Restaurant Group, Inc. in 2002

    Ebains Participate In Community Services Club Activities

  • 2010

    Denny's 1,600th restaurant in September in 2010

    EBS Website Launched

  • 2011

    Denny's 60th Anniversary in 2013

    Felicity Fete – Grand Fun Fair!

  • 2012

    Denny's launches Denny's On Demand in 2017

    EBS Hosts First Interschool Elocution Contest