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Coroli was established in 1968 and has continued to refine, develop, and produce excellent edible oils ever since. For decades, Coroli has been known and loved by millions of consumers for products that include Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Pomace Oil and Cooking Oil. The oils are produced using the best resources from trusted farmers from across the globe, ensuring the highest quality. Coroli understands that good health is more of a journey and not a destination. Which is why Coroli promotes healthy cooking by encouraging its consumers taking steps towards better food habits and active routines, in order to achieve and maintain good health. Lifonic takes great pride in offering this iconic brand under its portfolio of premium brands.

Del Monte

The Del Monte brand name has been synonymous with premium foods since its debut in 1886. Since then it has been the market leader in the packaged pineapple and mixed fruit, canned and carton ready-to-drink juices and other food categories. Del Monte has earned this reputation with a series of innovations and a singular dedication to quality.

As the pioneers in packaged fruits and vegetables, Del Monte sources the best quality fruits from around the world for its consumers. Del Monte’s Juiciest Pineapple Slices, Tidbits, and Fruit Cocktail are imported from Philippines. Moreover, Del Monte offers in Olives, Olive Oil and whole corn categories. Lifonic takes a huge pride to have Del Monte as one of its major brands for over four decades now.


As a globally renowned brand in Germany, Langnese Honey offers the best pure bee honey in a consistent high quality. Langnese Honey supply natural honey from Europe, as well as Central and South America, providing a broad range of the world’s best honey products. Langnese Honey’s quality control begins from the source itself. The honey is inspected according to strict criteria before delivering it to Langnese Honey. All the batches delivered to Langnese in Germany are carefully tested. The latest scientific findings and state-of-the-art technology is used to ensure that the Langnese Honey satisfies the strict codes of quality standards.
Lifonic has started its journey with Langnese Honey over four decades ago and currently we are offering Langnese Honey in Pure Bee Honey and Speciality Range.

La Espanola

With almost two centuries of rich history, La Española is proudly recognized as the oldest olive oil company in Spain and has grown to become a trusted world leader in quality olive oil. La Espanola offers a wide variety of olive oil products that bring out the best flavors in all your meals with consistent high quality. Using low-impact harvesting methods and 100% recyclable packaging, there is a perfect balance between crafting beautifully rich olive oils, supporting traditional techniques, and protecting the environment. Lifonic has been bringing the quality products of La Espanola Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Pakistan under its olive oil range.


Founded in Germany in 1891, Dr.Oetker ranks among the leading food manufacturers in Europe today. The business has developed with trust, sustainability and credibility, as its core values and now enjoys a reputation as one of the most trusted food brands internationally. From baking products to desserts, snacks, and pizzas, it provides a wide range of food and services to meet the tastes of people around the world. The Dr. Oetker brand has been a sign of outstanding taste, the highest quality and a guarantee of perfect results every time – re-enforcing consumer choice. The brand always meets consumer expectations and prides itself in meeting ever changing consumer needs with new and innovative products. Currently, Lifonic is offering Dr.Oetker Nona Cake Mixes range under its portfolio.


Todays is another brand that Lifonic sources from Philippines under its mixed fruit category. Due to its price competitiveness and great quality its highly demanded in the HORECA segments. The range is widely available nationwide in packaging options as to cater specific usage needs.