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Logistics & Warehousing

In-house Logistics & Warehousing

At Lifonic, we offer in-house warehousing & Logistics infrastructure in the South and North regions. These facilities are in line with the prescribed storage requirements by the parent company of each brand that we market and distribute. In this regard, warehouse audits are conducted as a regular practice to ensure smooth operations at all times. Our warehouse staff is well equipped with the professional expertise to ensure the supplies are well kept and timely delivery of stocks is well maintained.

In addition to being ideally located in areas that have the most accessibility to major delivery points and ports, we are also connected with a group of  warehouse facilitators in case of any specialized storage circumstances.

In terms of logistical function, we are equipped with fleet of vans/trucks to make timely deliveries and to maintain a consistent distribution of our brands. To continue with the smooth deliveries of the consignments, ERP is used to handle the entire sales function. Their foremost task is to get the stock supplied swiftly and to maximize the turnover process and save the inventory costs.