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Strong Sales & Distribution

Strong Sales & Distribution Network

One of the major aim of Lifonic is to maintain a high market share and provide maximum customer satisfaction through purpose driven sales & distribution function. We effectively manage and execute sales function to gauge optimal level of brand performance at all fronts. To capitalize on this mission, we are armed with trained and skilled sales professionals who play an integral role to achieve these objectives.

Catering to the growing consumer demands, Lifonic keeps introducing new products in the market. Our strong distribution & sales team uses its skills and creative approach to make these new launches effortless and smooth, while our extraordinary group of merchandisers ensure that the products are available on shelves and the visibility is attractive. This helps us lead positive customer responses. 

Our sales force constantly undergoes rigorous training to prepare them for the ever-changing challenges they face on the field. Since each brand represent its unique identity, the sales strategies are made individually at the heart of the vision of Lifonic. The group has achieved this strong backing over the years of perseverance and consistency towards its vision.