About EBS

Education Bay School is an inlet of modern educational facilities that cater to the academics, professional and spiritual needs of the contemporary world.


vital values that will stand the test of time and prove their strength in the real world. For we believe, that education is not a thing that one gets, but a lifelong process.

Education Bay School has been one of the pioneer schools on many fronts.

The school has advanced towards excellence in academics, ethical values and extra-curricular activities. We are delighted to house one of the best faculty team for both the juniors as well as the O’ Level section, providing quality education with top grades and enabling our students to seek admission in the best colleges here and abroad.

Our Vision

The school’s mission is consistent with its vision of sending out future generations of students who are able to compete and achieve success in their future education and their lives at the national as well as international level.

Based on our robust educational programme which implants fortified core societal values, habits of personal discipline and academics technical knowledge to play a positive role as esteemed members of the national and global community, our students have the mental as well as the moral strength needed to attain it.

Setting up the school was envisaged due to lack of schools in the city that would cater to the holistic needs of the students. A total lack in the character building process of the child practiced by most schools, lack of proper school facilities, absence of a purpose built building, pervasive tuition culture rather than school based learning and exorbitant fee structure played a pivotal role in starting Education Bay.

To counter the perennial shortcomings in the education environment, the school instituted a professionally designed curriculum from preschool level to the passing out level, fully supported by internal activity diversification to a round the year programme of extra-curricular activities, clubs, sports, drama, community services, inter school competitions. The school pioneered holidays in the last ten days of Ramadan and covered up the leaves by arranging classes one Saturday of each month during the first term.

Our Mission

To nurture the child of today into a complete personality of tomorrow, who, with a robust heart and mind and good health can confidently face the challenges of life to achieve success in this world and hereafter.



  • I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries and in all my years abroad, one of the most powerful things that have struck me is the self-reliance ofcertain nations. I have always harboured a dream of a self-supporting Pakistan whose people fend for themselves but it does not just stop there; I want us to not just paddle our own canoe but also lend a helping hand to those in need. The first step towards materializing this dream, at least within our own community, is earning a lawful income. Allah says in the glorious Quran: ‘And made the day for livelihood.’

Director Planning

  • I strongly believe that educating children is a matter of great privilege and I feel deeply honoured to be granted this incredible opportunity. Nonetheless, I feel that this duty is accompanied by a tremendous responsibility to provide these youngsters with the best possible learning opportunities for their formative years. Knowing that our institution will influence the fundamentals upon which our students’ future learning, and even their entire lives, will depend is something we take great pride in, and we will undertake this duty with earnest passion. Although there ...

Director Administration

  • The role of educational institutes should be to bring about academics excellence, build character, teach unconditional respect and impart unquestionable ethics so that each individual child stands with unshakeable integrity, courage and honour. By the grace and benevolence of Allah the Almighty, Education bay school has fulfilled all this in the last 20 years. The school administration and the staff work with targeted goals and clear vision focused on the path of high achievements in academics, extracurricular and community service. All this is absolutely .....

Principal’s Message

At the Education Bay School, we educate young minds considering it a sacred duty. We see it as an honour and an opportunity given to us to impart knowledge as well as instill a good value system in our students, making them confident, contended, collaborative and competent critical thinkers with a strong sense of community.

Our holistic vision is based on the understanding that the brain, the heart and the body, all play an integral role in developing a generation of balanced, grounded and conscientious young men and women with a strong faith.

I have spent nearly three decades in the field of education and was fortunate enough to gain experience from very prestigious schools, worked in different capacities and visited educational institutions all over the world. I believe in inclusive education and feel that every child is capable of exceling in whatever he is passionate about. It is our duty to help him find his passion.

I am lucky to have a dedicated and experienced team of teachers, who realize the joint responsibility we share and work with commitment to help children develop to their natural and highest potential. We strongly believe in personal development; therefore, our teaching staff regularly attends workshops and training sessions to remain abreast with the current academics requirements.

I wish our children great success in all their endeavors and want them to remember that ‘what we do for ourselves, dies with us but what we do for others remains forever’.