• EBS strives to provide clear concepts to the pupils, builds study skills.
  • We provide spiritual education and moral guidance to students to help them achieve success in this world and the hereafter.
  • It has developed exclusive text material in form of books and work sheets to ensure complete and smooth transition of knowledge to the pupils.
  • Highly qualified Faculty
  • Teachers are constantly supervised, supported and guided by specialized subject heads.
  • It further facilitates the weak students through an exclusive program of remedial classes called Steps to Success.

Admission Procedure & Requirements

We want to make applying to EBS as convenient as possible for you. Therefore, we have created an online application that can be completed in less than 5 minutes. You can submit your applications online through the online registration form or request an appointment with our Admissions Manager to schedule a meeting at the school premises

Visit our website and Facebook page to see updates regarding the opening date of admissions.

If you wish to apply online: Open the online application form and kindly fill all the fields with correct information. Please double check before submitting as you will be contacted using the information mentioned in the form. If you wish to visit EBS: You may call on the following number 02135250068 and request an appointment with the Admissions Manager

If you wish to visit: Kindly call on the following number 02135250068 and request an appointment with the AFdmissions Manager

Kindly upload these documents to process your application

Coloured CNIC of both the parents

Photograph of the child

Family photo

Please wait patiently after submitting your application. In case your application is shortlisted, you will receive an email with a date & time at which you may visit the school along with the required documents to register the child for the test/evaluation. Please click on requirements for registrations to view the documents needed to register your child.

Once we receive the documents, we will register your child for the test/evaluation. Test date and all the other details will be emailed to the parents.

If your child clears the test, you will receive an email with interview details. Interview of the parents with the principal and director admin is the final step of the admission procedure.

After the interview, we will notify you of our decision via email. The email will also contain information regarding the admission fee and other formalities to confirm your child’s admission in EBS.

Requirements for Admission in EBS

You are required to bring the following documents to the school along with Rs.2500 test registration fee.

Birth certificate of Nadra (photocopy). Hospital birth certificate will not be accepted.

Two passport-size photographs. (taken within the last 3 months).

Family picture.

Latest School Report Card. (Photocopy)

CNIC of the parents. (Photocopy)

School Leaving Certificate for Class 1 onwards from the last school attended (Can be submitted prior to the beginning of the academics year)

Age group requirements for admission in EBS

Grade / Class Required age for admission
Discoverers 2 years and 6 months
Explorers 3 years and 6 months
Inventors 4 years and 6 months
Class I 5 years and 6 months
Class II 6 years and 6 months
Class III 7 years and 6 months
Class IV 8 years and 6 months
Class V 9 years and 6 months
Class VI 10 years and 6 months
Class VII 11 years and 6 months
Class VIII 12 years and 6 months
Class IX 13 years and 6 months

Admission FAQs