Director Planning &
Development’s Message

I strongly believe that educating children is a matter of great privilege and I feel deeply honoured to be granted this incredible opportunity. Nonetheless, I feel that this duty is accompanied by a tremendous responsibility to provide these youngsters with the best possible learning opportunities for their formative years. Knowing that our institution will influence the fundamentals upon which our students’ future learning, and even their entire lives, will depend is something we take great pride in, and we will undertake this duty with earnest passion.

Although there are several good schools in the city, there is still a need to improve the present educational milieu. Having gained exposure to foreign education through my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, the difference in the educational framework and teaching techniques employed abroad to those used in Pakistan became apparent. Despite being offered several appealing job offers, I returned to Pakistan after completing my Masters in Education from the University of Oxford, to serve my people and play my part in contributing to the education sector and the community as a whole.

At Education Bay, we pay special attention to the well-being of each individual child and try our best to nurture an atmosphere of love, tolerance, trust, and respect. We aim to provide a comprehensive and balanced form of education, by instilling in our students a lifelong passion to learn, explore new ideas, and continuously challenge themselves to grow in all spheres of life. We believe that environment is the third teacher, and that creating a joyful and fun-filled atmosphere fosters learning and curiosity.

We live in a constantly evolving era. This necessitates, more than ever before, a well-rounded educational framework whereby students are better equipped with the requisite skills to succeed in the future. We seek not merely to transmit information, rather to furnish our students with the ability to efficiently assimilate, process and apply their acquired knowledge. This is in line with Jean Piaget’s statement “The principle goal of education in the school should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done”. We strive to build in them confidence, grit and interpersonal skills as we prepare them to become leaders of tomorrow.

Through our specially designed framework we aim to teach our students more than just basic academics. Our goal is to instill in them ethical, moral, societal and religious values that will enable them to become responsible, open-minded, trustworthy, steadfast and compassionate human beings who will achieve immense success in this world and the Hereafter.

Best Wishes,

Subhan Mohsin Ahmed

Founder & Director